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I.T. & Network Security Services

Pelstar is a fully staffed and leading support provider to business and organizations in greater Tucson. AZ. Our clients trust us to guide them through the muddy water of protecting their companies computer network and network assets.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive “best practice” solution to their IT security  needs. Using a myriad of tools and software to ensure that your data and information never is exposed to outsiders without their expressed consent. Pelstar’s team of IT security professionals does this by employing 24/7 monitoring, uptime monitoring tools, and many other instant monitors that will notify Pelstar of any issues or risks before they become problems.

Keep your Data and Network Safe and Secure with 99%-uptime

Pelstar’s performance is just what your company needs to help propel it into a secure and seamless future growth. Our professionals are business specialist who use current best practice procedures and solutions to customise your network and network assets around you company’s needs.

Don’t settle for second best. We we say “best practice” we mean the very best in practice. We will keep your information and technology safe and secure with our full line of solutions including 24/7 uptime monitoring.

Pelstar Computers is Tucson's Best & Most reliable Managed Service Provider in Southern Arizona

For Hosted and Managed Services

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We will monitor your network and machines 24 hours a day which allows Pelstar’s Security Team to stay ahead of issues and threats that can affect your productivity and business operations.

Managed Services

We are your turn key operation for Managed IT services in business. Our team can streamline and optimize your current network while including options for growth. Our solutions and team is second to none!

WebRoot Software Security

Every pelstar managed client is equipped with the award winning WebRoot Monitoring Software which monitors your computers, servers, and mobile devices for malicious software and code that is seeking to hurt of compromise your network’s integrity. With Pelstar’s team behind your company, you can focus on your business!

Scalable & Managed

We understand your business needs and goals as you grow your business into your markets. With Pelstar, we have you covered with 24/7 monitoring, Disaster Backup & Recovery, and seamless Fortigate security.