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Website Hosting & Management Services

Pelstar is leading the charge in Tucson, AZ for quality web design. Whether you need updates and maintenance or a completely custom design, our professionals can help you accomplish your web presence goals.

Custom fitted to your scope, traffic, and business

We know how important your presence on the web and social media is which is why Pelstar is dedicated to serving our clients with the best, cutting edge in web hosting and VPS services.  Don’t rely on companies who treat you like a name on a page, your business and patronage mean something to us!

Pelstar Computers is Tucson's Best & Most reliable Managed Service Provider in Southern Arizona

For Hosted and Managed Services

SSD Technology

Our web servers are packed full of SSD (Solid State Drives) which means ridiculous loading speeds and lighting fast FTP and MySQL response times with minimal latency between users and host.

Starting @ $9.95/mo

SEO & Web Marketing

Tired of trying to keep up with current best practice and standards in website and social media marketing? Let Pelstar help you keep up with your clients and customers with our comprehensive marketing team.

Let’s Encrypt SSL

SSL Certificates as vastly becoming industry standards in web hosting and eCommerce. SSL’s secure data being passed to and from your web site or hosted VPS which helps to eliminate potential security threats from hackers and malicious bot software or scripts looking to compromise your web servers integrity. Get yours for free when you host with Pelstar Computer’s WildWest Cloud

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